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Rear Tractor-mounted Plough

Aratro per trattore

Tractor-mounted ploughs: what is their function?


 Rear tractor-mounted ploughs are fundamental for owners of agricultural land. The oldest agricultural tool in history has always been used to till the soil, to prepare it for sowing in order to loosen, aerate and turn it over, but it is also used to prepare the field for subsequent cultivation.



The operations before and after using the agricultural plough are classified in:

  • Land preparation: land clearing, hydraulic operations etc.
  • Preparatory work (regular): divided in Preliminary : scarifying, shredding etc. or Complementary: grubbing, harrowing, rolling etc.
  • Consecutive work (with plants already in the field): weeding, ridging etc.

How to perfectly plough the soil?

Here are the golden rules for perfect ploughing:

  1. The coulter must cut in a clean, vertical way;
  2. The ploughshare cut must remain horizontal (no steps) without touching the previously created groove;
  3. The overturning must always be completed, if possible; fertilisers (and manure) spread on the ground, as well as any grasses present, must be well buried;
  4. The groove behind the plough must remain clean (without soil inside);
  5. The furrows should be straight and parallel, perfectly joined together, so that no unploughed soil remains between them, and maintain the same depth up to the field head;
  6. Work on the heads (or finishing work) must be carried out with cross furrows, levelling out the ground and giving the head a slight inclination towards the headland;

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