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Toot Harrows - Light Series

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The best light series tooth harrows, for effective soil refining

Light series tooth harrows are light but durable machines, specific for soil refining. About 225 cm wide, this tool can cover large areas, since it can also work on small tractors without losing effectiveness.

This machine can be tractor mounted or trailes, depending on your needs. Light series tooth harrows are perfect to crumble clods and level the ground, but also to prepare the soil for proper sowing without any unevenness and without risk of water stagnation. It can be also used for burying fertiliser and similar jobs.

Thanks to its double coupling and its adjustable teeth, the tooth harrow can be used in a more or less aggressive way on the soil, so you can choose whether to shred big or small quantites of turf. Teeth are bolt individually, are adjustable and easy replaceable.

The machine can be folded during transport and storage, using a simple spring device, which reduces its width by 70 cm in a handy and quick way.

All you need for Soil tilling and land care – Tractor-mounted agricultural machines . A range of over 2 Toot Harrows - Light Series at the best price sale on the online market.
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