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Power Wheelbarrow - Electric Wheelbarrow

Power Wheelbarrow - Electric Wheelbarrow

Power Wheelbarrow or Electric Wheelbarrow: which one is the best?

In this category AgriEuro offers a wide range of tracked barrows and wheelbarrows ready to meet every transport need.

So we are trying to make easier the purchase of your new wheelbarrow providing you various advanced filters to restrict the search to a narrower range of models.

We propose a wide variety of Wheelbarrows and Power barrows, one of the most varied and complete on the web for brands and type of products.

Below follows a complete list of Tracked Barrows with a loading capacity from 100 kg up to a maximum of 600 kg.

Power Wheelbarrows or Electric Wheelbarrows: what are they used for?

By definition, a wheelbarrow can also be called a power wheelbarrow. This tool is mainly used for agricultural works and the transport of building materials. Being equipped with an engine, the wheelbarrow can easily transport heavy loads on terrains with hard slopes.

The grade of the slope which a power tracked barrow can face is certainly higher than the one which can be faced by a wheelbarrow. This is also the main feature which distinguishes a professional wheelbarrow from a hobby use.

What are the main types of wheelbarrows to choose from?

AgriEuro principally distinguishes two models:

  • Electrical Battery-powered Wheelbarrows

    They are generally easy to use and indicated for Hobby uses. The range of an electric wheelbarrow is often less than those equipped with a combustion engine, but they are much more maneuverable and handy to use in narrow spaces. The main strength of this product range is that the electric motor needs lees maintenance and handling than a combustion engine, having no components subject to wear as spark plugs, filters, carburettors, etc.

  • Power Wheelbarrows

    This category includes tracked barrows and wheelbarrows powered by an internal combustion engine of the highest-quality brands. Definitely suitable for a more professional sue, the power wheelbarrow guarantees High performance on any terrain, with a high-grade of slope. One of the main feature of this tools is their high load capacity, from 100 Kg for the entry level models, to a maximum of 600Kg.

    An excellent standard of quality that we at AgriEuro recommend:

All you need for Transportation, construction works, repairs and DIY activities . A range of over 55 Power Barrows at the best price sale on the online market.
Our 2021 AgriEuro catalogue is constantly enriched and updated showing competitive prices from 750,83 € up to 7.014,05 €
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