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Scythe Mowers Gears 3+2

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Petrol scythe mowers (or self-propelled scythe mowers) are essential for those who need to look after a plot of land with weeds of all heights and thicknesses that require cutting. This tool manages to cut the grass from the base so the resulting grass pieces are intact. This feature makes petrol scythe mowers very popular because it allows using the grass as food for livestock. It's also very useful for tidying up surfaces, although we recommend using a self-propelled petrol rough cut mower for this kind of task (petrol rough cut mowers chop the grass into very tiny clippings leaving very clean surfaces behind). We offer the widest range of power scythes on the market with over 20 models. All of the models we offer are MADE IN ITALY by Eurosystems and Blue Bird Industries. We've created 5 categories for these machines. The first two categories contain MULCHING scythe mowers, which feature an effective double blade that carries out a single-blade action (only the upper sickle bar moves). The following two categories include DUAL-BLADE action scythe mowers. These power scythes carry out a reciprocating blade movement that translates to the most effective cutting action among all the scythe mowers out there. MULTI-TOOL scythe mowers can also be used for other applications (as two-wheel tractors, rough cut mowers and so on) by purchasing one or more optional attachments. This will allow you to use the machine for several different purposes. The last category includes self-propelled rotary scythe mowers (drum mowers). Rotary scythe mowers are the most innovating and effective machines you can find on the market today and they were designed according to tractor drum-mowers cutting principles.
All you need for Mowing of tall or spontaneous grass . A range of over 21 Scythe mowers at the best price sale on the online market.
Our 2021 AgriEuro catalogue is constantly enriched and updated showing competitive prices from 567,24 € up to 1.628,24 €
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