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Saw benches - Log cutters Max. diameter trunk 17cm

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Log saw benches - Log cutters

Banchi sega - Tagliatronchi

A range of saw benches and log cutters, for easy and safe wood processing

Circular saw benches/log cutters are fundamental machines for efficient and safe wood cutting operations.

Thanks to the powerful electric motor, single-phase or three-phase, this circular saw on stand is more powerful than standard saws, allowing to cut logs of remarkable diameter.

The log cutter with circular saw is a practical and efficient machine, very popular on the market.

Why purchase a saw bench - log cutter?

Three main reasons:

  • great safety: all our machines are equipped with protective casing. In addition, the disc blade only comes into contact with the log and the all-steel body ensures that the saw bench is extremely robust.
  • ease of use: the handles and robust stand make work less tiring.
  • high efficiency: the powerful electric motors up to 5000 W and large circular blades (up to 700 mm) ensure great cutting capacity, allowing to cut logs with a maximum diameter of 250 mm.

Ideal product to cut firewood, it is used in outdoor spaces and it is virtually maintenance-free.

Practical and sturdy circular log cutting saws, equipped with all safety measures. These avoid wood splinters to hit the face or hands of the operator. The enamelled steel body makes these machines long-lasting. Moreover, compared to other models on the market, our log cutters are also very easy to move thanks to the wheels provided. These electric saw benches are perfect for users who want to cut logs quickly and effectively, since they are also suitable for beginners.

A log cutting saw consists of 3 elements:

  • the frame (completely made of steel)
  • the motor (electric, 230V or 400V)
  • the cutting unit (with large diameter circular blade)

In addition to the frame, which guarantees sturdiness, and the motor which delivers large power, the size of the cutting blade is fundamental. Depending on the log diameter you can choose saw benches with bigger or smaller circular blades. 

All you need for Felling, cutting and splitting wood . A range of over 14 Log Saw Benches - Log Cutters at the best price sale on the online market.
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