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Professional single-phase pressure washers | 150-180 bar

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Our professional single-phase pressure washers are suitable for professional users in all kinds of application fields, such as: construction works that require high pressure and flow rate levels, farming and livestock rearing activities where flow rate is very important, and any other heavy-duty task that requires top performances and reliability. These machines were designed for intensive and continuous use with no overheating or power loss issues (that can occur with lower level machines).
Our selection includes several configurations, from upright pressure washers with wheels, to cart-mounted pressure washers, to wall-mounted pressure washers or compact models. Each model was designed for a specific requirment, covering all professional fields.
Moreover, you can choose from a vast selection of accessories such as pipe cleaning kits or sand blasting lances. This equipment allows using the pressure washer to unclog pipes, sewers, sinks, drains or to wash and strip metal sheets, cement and paint.
Based on the model, the special features of our heavy-duty single-phase pressure washers are:
  • Brass pump unit head
  • Heavy-duty axial or in-line pump
  • Low rpm rate pumps
  • Large flow rate or water capacity
  • High operating pressure
  • Total Stop timed system
These features are essential in a professional pressure washer. A brass pump unit head will ensure long duarability and reliability even after many years of intensive use.
Two other important specifications are the position of the pump and the RPM rate. These specifications will allow you to understand if you're looking at a low or high-end product. A heavy-duty axial or in-line pump configuration, or a 2800 RPM pump (compared to 1450 RPM) can make a huge difference when you're trying to tell a standard pro machine from an even higher level product. Heavy-duty in-line machines with a low rpm rate (1450 RPM) are industrial pressure washers. The industrial pressure washer range includes top notch machines that were designed for intensive, daily use with maximum performance levels and reliability.

Our professional single-phase pressure washer category includes the best brands on the market:
  • Lavor
  • Comet
  • Annovi & Reverberi
  • Michelin

These machines have great performance levels and they come with numerous extra features. Some models feature foam cannons, some feature brushes for large surfaces, some come with detergent tanks or hose reels, others include car washing kits and much more.
Flow rate varies based on the pressure washer model, but all products have very large capacities. Capacity or flow rate is the most important technical specification as it expresses (more than pressure) the actual power level.
All you need for Indoor cleaning and maintenance . A range of over 31 Professional pressure washers - single phase (150-180 bar) at the best price sale on the online market.
Our 2020 AgriEuro catalogue is constantly enriched and updated showing competitive prices from 353,97 € up to 919,32 €
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