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Petrol flail mower with nominal power of 5 HP

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Petrol Rough Cut Mowers

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Petrol rough cut mower: what is its function?

Self-propelled petrol rough cut mowers are specifically designed to cut very tall grass and weeds on fields, even not perfectly even ones; they perform a complete different function compared to standard lawn mowers, which are instead designed to cut grass in gardens and parks.

These machines are ideal for professionals, excellent for private users. We offer an extremely varied range, 5 categories divided according to different work requirements.

The first thing you need to consider to choose the right product for you is the type of blade. There are three main types: regular blade, line head and hammer blade. The rough cut mower with line head is the evolution of the brush cutter: the tilting head works in the same way, only with less fatigue and greater yield compared to a brush cutter. Perfect for medium-small weeds, its line head can reach every spot thanks to its small size. It is then particularly suitable for those who need to perform finishing work (such as edges or areas with fixed obstacles).

The blade works in a very similar way: more effective with thicker shrubs or logs. However, since the blade is not so small, it is not as versatile as the line head. Some of our models feature interchangeable head, suitable for any situation.

Lastly, for a decisive cut of abundant weeds, the perfect tool is the rough cut mower with hammer blade: this machine is the self-propelled and handier version of the tractor-mounted rough cut mower. The great advantageg of this machine is also the hourly yield given from the working width of the hammers.

Petrol Rough Cut Mowers: explore our offer

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All you need for Mowing of tall or spontaneous grass . A range of over 67 Petrol Rough Cut Mowers at the best price sale on the online market.
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