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Hedge trimmers rated at 600 W

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Hedge Trimmers: electric, battery-powered and 2/4-stroke


Hedge trimmer: which is its function?

Whoever needs to prune hedges or perform small gardening jobs will need a hedge trimmer. In Agrieuro online catalogue you will find a wide range for both professionals and do-it-yourself gardening amateurs. These machines are mainly used to cut excess branches and leaves, but also to shape the hedges in your garden, giving them a more clean and accurate shape. The hedge trimmer consists of three main elements: an engine, a 2-tooth, INOX stainless steel blade and a handle located on the lower part, far from the blade. Depending on the type of power supply, the hedge trimmer can be equipped with cable, battery or fuel tank.

Of course, to choose a hedge trimmer you must consider the size of the garden and/or the hedges to prune and the frequency of use. Ther are many hedge trimmer models on the market and it can be difficult, especially for beginners, to understand what is the one that best suits their needs.

Hedge trimmers: explore our range

There are three main types of hedge trimmers:

Electric 230 V Hedge Trimmers:

They are indeed the most practical choice if you have a current plug available. They are maintenance-free, lighter and handier, suitable for medium-sized works.Electric hedge trimmers are clearly less powerful than 2 or 4-stroke ones but they are silent and have an excellent value for money. They are perfect if your garden is not too wide, but they are not suitable to work on very large surfaces. You can use an extension cord to reach the farthest points. Their theeth are narrower, for maximum 15 mm cuts and shorter bars, proportionate to the lower power and the lighter structure.

The best hedge trimmer brands by AgriEuro are:
  • Bosh
  • Gardena
  • Makita
  • Stiga
  • Battery-powered Hedge Trimmers:

    Battery-powered hedge trimmers are undoubtedly the most practical and handiest. In fact, they are lighter than 2 or 4-stroke ones and more functional than the electric ones. They do not need the power supply cable, so you can use it in any point of your garden without an electric plug nearby. However, their limit is the running time that depends on the battery. If your gardening jobs usually require many time, maybe it is not the best solution for you. However, there are also backpack battery-powered hedge trimmers which have enough amperage to last all day long. Of course, these last models are highly-professional niche products. Therefore, battery-powered hedge trimmers are very silent products, recommended for situations where loud noises are forbidden.

    The best battery-powered hedge trimmer brands by AgriEuro are:
    • Zanon
    • Snapper
    • Echo
    • Makita

      2/4-Stroke Hedge Trimmers:

      If you want a high-performing product, then you must choose a 2 or 4-stroke hedge trimmer. They are considered more powerful than the other categories but they are also the heaviest and most noisy. They are generally divided into two subcategories: 2-stroke e 4-stroke. The 2-stroke hedge trimmer is more powerful but it consumes more fuel, while the 4-stroke consumes less and it is more silent. The distance between the teeth is the widest available, for cuts up to 20 mm. Their blades and gears are more robust compared to electric hedge trimmers, but you cannot use them on dry or old branches, which have to be cut with scissors or chainsaw: their hardness would damage the blades and gears, because their structure is more suitable for fast works than hard works.

      The best battery-powered hedge trimmer brands by AgriEuro are:
    Hedge trimmers on extension pole:

    Within the previous three categories, we can add a fourth, which is not characterized by engine type nor noisiness, but by the presence of a fixed or telescopic extension pole. This particular product category allows you to reach higher hedges or branches without using inconvenient ladders. In addition, it is almost always possible to adjust the head where the blade is mounted, so the cuts are more accurate.

    They are divided in:

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