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Light 2-Stroke Chainsaws for Pruning ►18 to 29 cc Displacement

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Lightweight Chainsaws for Pruning (18 - 29 cc)

Lightweight chainsaws for pruning (18 - 29 cc) are small machines designed to be used with one hand thanks to the special top-handle. Lightweight and small-displacement, these chainsaws for pruning are particularly suitable for trimming olive trees, orchards and other plants, allowing the operator to easily reach even the highest branches.

They can feature classic or carving bars, that is with a narrower tip to cut a branch without damaging the others nor losing cutting power.
Agrieuro sells many models of chainsaws for pruning by different manufacturers, such as Castor, featuring both regular and carving bar models, while MTD, and Ma.Ri.Na. Systems only sell models with standard bar.

You can also use these chainsaws with both hands during heavier jobs, for greater power. However, since their cutting diameter is limited, they are not suitable to cut firewood. Well-balanced and compact, they are equipped with hooks for transport, so you can climb on aerial work platforms or ladders with your hands free. Low-consumption and easy to start, even in difficult positions; equipped with safety systems that allow you to work with maximum comfort.

All you need for Wood cutting and processing . A range of over 21 Light Chainsaws for Pruning(18-29 cc) at the best price sale on the online market.
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