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Battery-powered Ash Vacuum Cleaners

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Battery-powered Ash Vacuum Cleaners

Battery-powered Ash Vacuum Cleaners

The best battery-powered ash vacuum cleaners for quick cleaning when a power socket is not available.

Further to the more standard and common electric ash vacuum cleaners, it is possible to choose one of the battery-powered ash vacuums.
The latter are the quickest and easiest solution for cleaning in spaces without an electric outlet.

The rechargeable battery provided - which guarantees a good working autonomy - as well as its low weight, make this small appliance highly handy, agile and absolutely convenient to use and transport.

Thanks to their compactness, battery-powered ash vacuum cleaners therefore remain among the least bulky cleaning machines on the market, as they take up little space and are easy to store.

It is of course a hobby product, designed for cleaning barbecues, stoves and fireplaces from cold ash residue, and with its additional blower function it also allows deeper cleaning in the hard-to-reach spaces. The motor of the battery-powered ash vacuum is usually mounted on the top of the machine, and can be completely removed for cleaning the drum or changing the filter.

How to choose the right battery-powered ash vacuum cleaner for your needs?

Before purchasing a battery-powered ash vacuum cleaner, it is necessary to assess your needs, taking into account the following features:

  • DRUM CAPACITY: This choice varies according to personal needs, usually the average capacity is 10-20 L, but there are also models that can be even larger;
  • FILTERS: There can be models with 1 or 2 filters, so as to retain coarse and finer dust. The top-of-the-range are the HEPA filters, i.e. those made of pleated fibreglass, which are very effective;
  • TECHNICAL FEATURES: It is also necessary to take into account the watts that the machine is able to deliver and its power consumption.
    Usually battery-operated models are the least powerful, but are suitable for those who do not have large areas to clean;
  • EASE OF USE: Convenience is crucial when using an ash vacuum cleaner. Shape, manoeuvrability, ease of cleaning and weight are thus really important to consider.

Filters useful for the purchase:

Here is a list of the several filters useful for the purchase of battery-powered ash vacuum cleaners on our website:

  • Manufacturers:Annova Reverberi, Batavia, Comet, Lavor and Ribimex;
  • Drum capacity: It varies from 12 L to 18 L, according to the models available
  • Nominal power: From 150 Watt to 1000 Watt for the most powerful models.

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