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Hydraulic Wine Grape Presses ► With Cast Iron Hydraulic Jack

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Hydraulic Wine Grape Presses

Torchi per Uva Idraulici

A selection of the best heavy-duty hydraulic wine grape presses

Hydraulic wine grape presses are clearly different from the other types because of the opportunity they offer to exert great pressure with minimum effort.

This means that in a shorter period of time, very voluminous productions are obtained, and for this reason these products are positioned at a higher quality and performance level, almost heavy-duty.

There are two most popular versions on the market: 50 cm of diameter - perfect for medium domestic productions - and 60 cm of diameter for medium-large productions, up to 70 cm.

The hydraulic jacks with which the hydraulic presses are equipped are made of cast iron casting, equipped with manometer and able to exert up to 400 bar pressure. Thanks to this hydraulic system, you just have to pull the lever to lower the press and crush the grapes without fatigue.

All you need for Wine making, filtering and transferring . A range of over Hydraulic Wine Grape Presses at the best price sale on the online market.
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