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Hydraulic Wine Grape Presses ► With Cast Iron Hydraulic Jack

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Hydraulic Wine Grape Presses

Hydraulic Wine Grape Presses

Hydraulic wine grape presses takes advantage from the Pascal's principle to apply a much greater force with a minimum of effort.

A selection of the best heavy-duty hydraulic wine grape presses

Hydraulic wine grape presses are clearly different from the other types because of the opportunity they offer to exert great pressure with minimum effort.

This results in massive productions in a short time, which is why these products feature a higher quality level and performance and achieve a professional level.

The most popular models on the market are the 50 cm diameter model - suitable for medium domestic production - and the 60 cm diameter model for medium to large wine production, up to 70 cm.

This type of press represents an evolution of the manual press, but uses the force of the hydraulic jack.
The hydraulic jacks fitted on hydraulic presses are made of cast iron, equipped with a pressure gauge and can exert pressures of up to 400 bar.
Thanks to this hydraulic system, it is therefore enough to pull the lever to lower the wooden plate and squeeze the grapes without any fatigue.

How does it work?

The hydraulic jack uses oil pressure. The Operator acts on the lever with an up and down movement to operate the pump, which draws oil from the tank and sends it into the circuit.
This system makes two pistons coming out and, resting on the main screw, push the jack downwards with very high pressure.

All you need for Wine making, filtering and transferring . A range of over 3 Hydraulic Wine Grape Presses at the best price sale on the online market.
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