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Grape presses and presses with pomace capacity 80 L

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Wine Grape and Fruit Presses

Wine Grape and Fruit Presses

The wine grape press specific purpose is to exert pressure. Its function is to press the marc after alcoholic fermentation.

What does pressing consist of:

Pressing is the process carried out on the grapes after their fermentation.
Wet marcs are placed in the cage and pressed, so that the skins are separated from the grape juice.
Once the process is complete, the juice is placed in wooden barrels or stainless steel containers.

How is it made?

A standard wine grape press is characterised by its cylindrical, barrel shape, which is due to the presence of a cage resting on a base.
A metal screw is mounted along its axis and will exert the pressure necessary to extract must from the grapes.
Our catalogue includes different models of presses, from the traditional wooden presses mentioned above, to smaller stainless steel and fruit presses.

Wine Grape & Fruit Presses

This category offers a wide choice of the best wine grape and fruit presses available on the market. These are divided into 6 main categories depending on the intended use of the machine:

  • Small-sized Squeezing Presses: Small-sized presses, ideal for preparing eggplants preserved in oil but also fruit juices.
  • 1-Speed Manual Wine Grape Presses: These are the smallest wine grape presses, manually operated with a 1-speed ratchet motion.
    These presses are suitable for small productions of wine and are recommended for a hobby use. Despite their small size, the quality of these models is always guaranteed by the entirely Made in Italy production.
  • 2-Speed Manual Wine Grape Presses: These presses are similar to those mentioned above, but the difference lies in the possibility to select 2 speeds, so as to increase production, making them suitable for a semi-professional or hobby use.
  • Hydraulic Wine Grape Presses: These are the largest grape wine presses available in our catalogue. Thanks to the automatic motion, they are suitable also for large professional productions of wine.
  • Pneumatic Fruit Presses: This category includes a range of fruit presses characterized by a structure entirely made in stainless steel.
    Ideal for a juice production from 20 to 40 L.
  • Fruit Hydropresses: Similar to the presses mentioned above but with a larger capacity ranging from 20 to 80 L.

  • Wine Grape Press: Manual or Hydraulic?

    Firstly, it is necessary to consider that the choice of press varies according to the quantity of wine to be produced.
    For a limited quantity, it is still possible to use the manual wine press, certainly the most laborious method, but still the most appreciated by wine enthusiasts.
    For larger quantities, on the other hand, it is advisable to choose an hydraulic press, which provides a better performance and great saving of energy thanks to the action of the hydraulic jack.

    Why using beech wood?

    The reason lies in the special features of this wood: it is odourless and tasteless, making it particularly suitable for food processing.
    A special property of these machines, which makes these processes even more traditional and artisanal.

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