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Trimmers - Edgers with Battery supplied

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Edge strimmers - Edgers

Edge strimmers available online;

What is an edge strimmer used for?

The edge strimmer is a useful piece of equipment for trimming plants and bushes in your garden, for cutting grass in narrow, hard-to-reach spots where normally traditional lawn mowers cannot reach, such as along hedges, or around trees and flower beds.
It often happens, in fact, that in small private gardens, but also in large public spaces, the presence of numerous obstacles makes mowing with classic lawn mowers difficult and not always performed optimally.

What is the difference between a brush cutter and an edge strimmer?

Edge strimmers and brush cutters look visually very similar to each other, but there is actually one major difference that sets them apart: the presence of a powerful 2/4-stroke engine that powers the tool.
The brush cutter is usually equipped with a more powerful engine as its purpose of use is for generic and prolonged work; the power of the engine makes cutting work more comfortable and faster, and, above, all free from the annoyance of electric cables.
Edge strimmers, on the other end, are generally less powerful and durable, but at the same time require lass maintenance..

Edge strimmers: choose among our range

We offer a wide range of edge strimmer models that fall into these categories:

The former must necessarily be used close to an electrical outlet, which limits the freedom of use for the operator due to the length of the cable. In fact, these are best suited for small gardens, where cutting and maintenance tasks are limited and less demanding.
The second category includes those models of edge strimmers that can be used with greater freedom, thanks to rechargeable batteries that provide a fair amount of working autonomy when fully charged.
Edgers, on the other hand, also referred to as "wire laying machines", are tools capable of performing several tasks. As such, they can define the working perimeter for robot lawn mowers, but can also trim wild grass that has grown freely in less tended areas.

Use our filters to choose the model that best suits your needs:

The following is a quick guide to choosing the most suitable model for your needs from the several available in our catalogue. For an easy and targeted search, we recommend using the filters listed on the left side of the category page on our website.

  • The first relevant filter to select is the PRODUCT LEVEL: it is essential to choose the intensity and frequency of work for which the strimmer will be used, in order to match the product level to the requirements.
  • OPERATING MODE: it is possible to choose among electric and battery-powered edge strimmers.
  • NET WEIGHT: In general, these models are all characterised by their lightweight design and ease of use, even for prolonged work phases. In our catalogue it is possible to select models with weights up to 6.5 Kg, still very manageable for most users
  • GRIP: the single grip is the most common and popular, it adapts effortlessly to all working conditions. The BULLHORN HANDLE, on the other hand, takes its cue from the handlebars of a motorbike, which is why it is also known as "bike handle", and is more suitable for long working sessions as it significantly reduces strain on the back.

In conclusion Why choose an edge strimmer?

Electric and battery-powered edge strimmers are a valid alternative to classic 2/4-stroke brush cutters. They are environmentally friendly and lightweight, a feature that makes them easy and comfortable to use, also thanks to the user-friendly and intuitive controls.
They also represent the most effective and practical solution for finishing cutting work on small spaces which require cleanliness and precision.

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