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Sprayer pumps with tank capacity of 40 l

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Electric sprayer pumps, manual, battery powered or petrol 

Sprayers pumps;

Sprayer pump: what is its function?

The sprayer pump is an essential machinery for all those who own a vegetable garden or a garden, large or small, with flowers, trees or fruit plants. Who knows sprayer pumps is well aware of the indispensability of this tool and how important it is to carry out the periodic treatments on plants, spraying useful liquids to give protection from any kind of parasite or insect.
Let's talk about normal treatments, the same that are also required in so-called "biological" cultivation, at a professional or just hobby level, and that are necessary for healthy plant growth.

The sprayer pumps are machines designed for herbicides and administer treatments to plants, flowers and various crops .
Generally, when we talk about "pump for weeding ","sprayer " or " sprayers ", It is referring to any agricultural machine which is:

  • able to spray herbicide , chemical or biological;
  • It consists of a tank (Or barrel), by a sprayinglance and pump fed manually (such as in some more traditional knapsack models), battery pump (battery operated sprayer pump), electricity, combustion (pump or motor pump sprayer) or tractor.

Spraying Pumps: Buying Guide

Before proceeding with the purchase of a sprayer it is very important to keep in mind some useful parameters to see if the machine is right for you or not.

  • Pressure:
    Among the most important features for a sprayer is the pressure, or the force that the machine flows into the pumped liquid ; namely the force with which the fluid flows .
    The higher the pressure, the greater will be the power of spraying.
    It is clear that a sprayer with a good pressure, accompanied by a good telescopic pole, will be able to get to distribute the product in the highest points of the plant with very little effort and without the need to use a ladder.
  • Capacity:
    When talking about the scope of a spraying pump we refer to volume pumped , e.i the volume of liquid delivered by the pump in a given time interval, which is usually indicated in liters per minute (l / min.), Gallons per minute (gpm) or cubic meters per second (m3 / s).
  • Prevalence:
    The prevalence is the ability of a pump to raise a given volume of liquid at a given height above a certain level, namely the maximum lifting height difference .
    It is closely linked to the scope, since the latter increases the prevalence decreases and vice versa.
  • Capacity:
    Another important aspect to consider is the capacity of the tank, which usually is between 10 and 25 liters in the smaller models, such as the shoulder pumps, trolley or backpack, and reaches up to 6000 liters for self-propelled models.
  • Weight
    Especially for shoulder models, it is very important to consider when buying what the actual weight of a full tank machine . This will allow us to make a more accurate prediction of the actual machine running comfort and assess whether to be maneuvered requires an excessive effort by the user. We also remind you that the large part of the shoulder sprayers when loaded weighs between 6 and 20 kg.

Spraying pump: Choose the right one for you

In our catalog you will find over 170 models of pumps which are further divided into three categories, in particular you will find

  • Shoulder sprayer pumps (backpack or shoulder strap): The backpack pump (or shoulder) is synonymous with comfort and agility in work and are among the most widely used machines in the world just for their comfort and ease of use . In fact, in these models, the tank is equipped with two practical shoulder straps that allow the operator to wear it as a real backpack and to freely carry it to the entire surface to be sprayed. In this category you can buy a battery-powered pump rather than an electric pump or manual.
    We speak of a limited type of pump with regard to the capacity of the tank, which in most cases does not exceed 20 liters , And power level, which, in particular in the manual models, totally depends on the frequency of "pumping" that we perform by acting directly on the lever.
  • Sprayers pumps with trolley and tank: The wheeled sprayer pump is a good solution if one needs to work without necessarily having to carry a weight, as in the case of the knapsack pumps or shoulder. The pumps are mounted on a cart which is then driven manually or with agricultural machinery, for example a tractor, along the entire work area.
    This type is ideal for those having to watermedium and large surfaces , like orchards , parks or great vegetable gardens, needs a much bigger tank than shoulder or trolley models.
    The wheelbarrow pump sprayer can mount a tank that starts from 50 liters and a power that goes from 18 to 45 bar.
  • Pump and motor pumps for spraying (pumps): The motor sprayer pumps are used to give the treatments to the crops and, thanks to the high operating pressure, they atomize at maximum the product. The range ofsprayer pumps which AgriEuro presents in this category is among the largest on the market, with about 30 products divided by power supplies and types.

All you need for Spraying treatments and weeding . A range of over 219 Sprayer Pumps at the best price sale on the online market.
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