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Seeders and fertilizer spreaders with battery included

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Seeders and Wheelbarrows for Compost Spreading


What are seeders and compost spreaders used for?

The compost spreader is very useful for gardening, as it ensures that the soil is fertile.
Seeders and wheelbarrows for compost spreading are simple but particularly functional farm tools designed for tilling small cultivated fields.
These tools are particularly suitable for hobby level works, such as spreading fertiliser and seeds in the home garden, but also salt in the driveways during winter.
Within this category it will be possible to choose between seeders and compost spreaders based on different power supplies and operating modes. In fact, our catalogue includes handheld transplanters, hand-push or towed wheelbarrow compost spreaders, hand-push seeders with roller and battery-powered compost spreaders/salt spreaders.

How to choose the best compost spreader

When choosing the right compost spreader, there are some factors to take into account:

  • Construction materials: the material of which the spreader is made must be carefully assessed in order to choose a high-quality product. Basically there are two types of material: hard plastic and steel.
  • The size: in order to choose the right size, it is necessary to consider the type of soil to be fertilised.
  • Ergonomics: an important aspect, especially for handheld models. The compost spreader must offer the greatest possible ease of use, so that it can be moved around without too much effort.
  • The compost distribution system: not all compost spreading machines distribute fertiliser in the same way, some, for example, are able to spread liquid fertiliser.

How much compost should be put in the spreader

When purchasing this type of machine, it is important to know how to use it in the best possible way. One of the most complex things to assess is how much fertiliser to put in. A lot depends on the type of soil and its requirements.
To get the right amount, first measure the area of land available, then multiply it by the recommended amount of compost. This way it will be possible to carry out the spreading of fertiliser: one half is poured vertically, while the remaining quantity is poured horizontally, so as to make sure that it covers the whole soil evenly.

Why purchasing one?

Choosing a compost spreader will certainly speed up fertilising operations.
In fact, these farm tools offer the possibility of performing high-quality work, which result in an even distribution of fertiliser on the ground.
As far as safety is concerned, nowadays fertilisers are hardly 100% natural; they almost certainly contain chemicals, which help the plant grow faster.
Although this helps the plant, it can also pose a risk to people and farm workers. Thanks to compost spreaders, this risk is considerably reduced, since the operator is not in direct contact with the fertiliser.

Our catalogue offers a wide range of seeders and compost spreaders by the best brands on the market, including: GeoTech, Cresco, Einhell and Ryobi.

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