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Handheld Transplanters

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Handheld Transplanters

Handheld Transplanters

For gardening lovers, planting their favourite seedlings quickly and easily is very important, thus it is essential to operate with the right tools for optimum results.

What is a handheld transplanter?

The handheld transplanter is a tubular-shaped tool, usually made of plastic or metal.
Its use is really user friendly and intuitive, simply enter the bulb to be planted into the hole at the top of the body, sink the tine into the soil vertically and press the lever.
After this operation, the tip of the transplanter will open and the bulb will fall into the hole in the soil.

Why should you buy one?

Different models of transplanters, including automatic ones, are available on the market today, but they require a tractor to be used, thus being useful only to large farms that need to operate on large areas of land in a short time.
The manual transplanter, on the other hand, is a much less demanding and expensive tool that will still make the Operator's job easier, saving him time and effort.
Its use is suitable virtually for any type of soil and surface, even stony ones, allowing you to bury your seedlings in any eventuality.

How to chose a handheld transplanter?

Here are some of the main aspects to consider when purchasing a transplanter:

  • The SIZE of the TUBE: These dimensions vary depending on the size of the bulb or seedling you need to plant.
    The tube should be neither too wide nor too narrow so as not to affect the correct seeding process;
  • Soil TYPE: The 'consistency' of the soil is also important when choosing the right tool.
    Hard, compact soil will require a sturdy and resistant tool, while a soil without rocks may need a lighter and more money-saving model;
  • PISTOL SYSTEM OR LEVER SYSTEM: Almost all transplanters now are equipped with a handle that allows the machine to be used with one hand, this is the method known as the “Pistol System”.
    Other models, however, involve using both hands to open the end of the tube, this is known as the “Lever System”.
    The former method may be more convenient and practical, but the latter allows for greater control during operation, precisely because of the use of both hands on the transplanter;
  • WEIGHT: Weight and material of the transplanter are essential features when looking for a lightweight tool comfort to use.
    Indeed, a greatly manoeuvrable tool is highly important for achieving the best seeding results.

How does it work?

This kind of tools is highly user-friendly as their use is almost automatic.
Here are listed in details the main steps in using a handheld transplanter:

  • Enter the tube into the frame;
  • The bulb slides into the tube until it reaches the tip;
  • Plant the tip of the transplanter into the soil;
  • Activate the mouth-opening mechanism and release the lever;

As already said, this mechanism is quite basic but ensures maximum effectiveness.

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