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Robot Lawn Mower | Lawn Mower ► for Grass Surfaces form 200 to 400 m² ► with or without Perimeter Wire

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Robot Lawn Mowers for Grass Surfaces from 200 to 400 m² without Perimeter Wire

Robot lawn mowers are a precious ally for the care and maintenance of your lawn, especially the models without perimeter wire, as they demand little effort on the part of the operator and zero installation of the perimeter wire.
These models only need to be positioned in the area to be cut and then they are able to start working fully automatically.
Thanks to special sensors, they are able to identify the presence or absence of grass beneath them and perform their work accordingly.
Whenever it detects an obstacle or approaches an area without turf, the robot will change direction randomly to continue in another.
This type of equipment is very suitable for gardening lovers who do not wish to spend time programming the mowing direction or installing the perimeter wire; it is however a valid alternative to achieve slightly less accurate, but still effective results.

What equipment comes with the robot?

The absence of the perimeter wire and of the various boundary wire pegs required for installation is compensated for by numerous sensors, which enable to perform more precise work, despite the random settings of the machine mowing direction.
Therefore, supplied with the equipment are generally present:

  • Sensors to detect the presence of turf.
  • Tilting sensors.
  • Lifting sensors.
  • Sensors which recognise the areas that have been already mowed.

All you need for Lawn cutting and maintenance . A range of over 4 Without Perimeter Wire at the best price sale on the online market.
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