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Robot Lawn MoweLawn mower robot | Lawn mower ► For grass areas of 200 - 400 m2 ► With perimeter wirer | Lawn Mower ► for Grass Surfaces form 200 to 400 m² ► with or without Perimeter Wire

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Lawn mower robot for areas of 200-400m² with perimeter wire

Robot rasaerba per superfici da 200-400mq con filo perimetrale

A robot lawnmower is the best solution for those who like to maintain a well-kept lawn evn with not a lot of free time available. Robots are able to manage and care for your lawn fully automatically and independently.

There are many different models on the market, each with specific features, but one of the most important to choose is whether to go for with or without perimeter wire. The perimeter wire is particularly suitable for owners of gardens with numerous obstacles, such as flower beds, plants, steps. Once the wire is installed, the robot will follow it autonomously, always cutting the same area..

How is the perimeter wire installed?

One of the first tasks to complete, before switching on your robot for the first time, is to install the perimeter wire.
This must be placed all around the edge of the garden and the obstacles to be overcome, because it will in fact form a fence that will delimit the cutting area of the machine.
It is placed on the ground using stakes, which are generally supplied with most models on the market..

The cable should be run all around the work area, leaving some space from the obstacle, and secured to the ground with a hammer and stakes. This solution is suitable for a well-kept garden, and for those who do not have pets that could move the wire..
With this method, the wire route can be changed at a later date at the operator's convenience.
If, on the other hand, you choose to have the robot cut the same area over and over again, it is better to bury the wire at a depth of 1 cm to 20 cm. .

Why choose a model with a perimeter wire?

This installation method has several advantages:

  • Convenience: The lawn mower robots with wire are cheaper than automati models, as they do not need dedicated radar technology.
  • Guaranteed effectiveness: These models have been the most popular on the market for a long time, so they have proven technology, and are not dependent on satellite connections.
  • Great precision: The cable allows the robot to operate with extreme precision, carefully avoiding obstacles in its working area.

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