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Mini-Rider Mowers - Small Riding-on Mowers

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Mini-Rider Mowers - Small Riding-on Mowers

Rider Tagliaerba

What is the difference between a standard riding-on mower and a rider mower?

The difference between standard riding-on mowers and rider mowers are not merely aesthetic but they are mostly structural and functional. Standard riding-on mowers are equipped with a powerful front engine and a dashboard; it is suitable for large and smooth surfaces.

Rider mowers, simpler and equipped with rear engine, allow to work on more difficult lawns, with obstacles and slopes.

Handling is the peculiarity of rider mowers. Their lower weight allows them to use less powerful engines, which make them lightweight and affordable. That is why rider mowers are the best-selling machines of their category. 

Rider with side discharge or grass collector. Which is the most effective?

Side discharge is particularly suitable if you do not need to collect the grass once mowed. Riders with grass collector are ideal if you desire perfect results while collecting the grass in the dedicated bag, to the discharge it elsewhere.

Battery-powered or petrol rider mower?

Electric rider mowers are new. Petrol rider mowers ensure long working sessions without stopping to add fuel. Battery-powered mowers take some time to recharge. These are recommended for professionals and large surfaces. Battery-powered mowers have the same features of petrol riders without requiring the same amount of maintenance.

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