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Olive Pickers and Shakers for olive harvesting with ABS prongs

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Olive harvesters and shakers

abbacchiatori e scuotitori per le olive

What is the difference between olive harvesters and shakers?

The main difference between the two categories is thei power source. In fact, they are divided into three main categories

Pneumatic Olive Harvesters

available in two types:

• the traditional pneumatic olive harvesters with double comb performing an upright alternating motion (the most demanded and common on the market)
• the new version with double side swinging motion, combined with thinner very long carbon prongs (suitable for thick trees, not pruned ones or with hard-to-pick olives). .

Electric battery-powered olive harvesters

These models are undoubtedly the most successful products thanks to the excellent output combined with their lightweight and easy use. In fact, you only need a single car battery for their functioning. The many models of electric battery-powered olive harvesters are undoubtedly the range of products where the market is able to offer a wider and more diversified production.

Petrol olive harvesters

These olive harvesters represent a very special niche. They are basically identical to the battery-powered olive harvesters with side swinging motion, but they are provided with spark ignition engine placed at the bottom of the shaft. The most interesting aspect of these petrol olive harvesters is given by their multi-purpose configuration. In fact, they are not only simple olive harvesters, but also brush cutter, hedge trimmers and pruners, equipped with additional extension shaft to reach the biggest heights. Therefore, they are suitable to different types of uses. Also, given the petrol engine, the weight is higher with respect to the normal battery-powered harvesters with similar functioning.

The petrol olive harvester is a tool capable of mixing together power, efficiency, practicality and versatility.

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