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Electric Log Splitters

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Electric Log Splitters

Spaccalegna Elettrici

The advantages of an electric log splitter

Electric log splitters, widely present in our catalogue both in vertical and horizontal version, are the most popular thanks to their convenience.

In fact, the absence of a petrol engine allow you to save on fuel and maintenance.

The prices of an electric log splitter change depending on the brand and product level. This category ranges from amateur to industrial machines.

The difference between single-phase and three-phase engine

First of all, our catalogue includes a wide range of single-phase electric log splitters, limited power but perfect - depending on the brand and price - for both amateur and professional use.

Splitting capacity, expressed in tonnes, will guide you to your perfect machine: for non-frequent operations, such as the annual cutting of firewood for winter, a machine ensuring 8 to 10 tonnes of splitting capacity will be enough. For more frequent operations on harder logs with larger diameter, you may want a log splitter featuring higher performance, up to 10/12 tonnes.

AgriEuro catalogue also allows you to choose among some three-phase electric log splitters, much less common and generally designed for industrial use, partly because of their considerable structure, with the robust hydraulic cylinder attached to the upper part. The three-phase engine, because of the high voltage required, is not suitable for domestic use other than by expensive modifications to the electric system. Since these machines are heavy-duty or semi-professional, the price is higher than single-phase log splitters, so they are suitable almost exclusively for intensive use.

Horizontal and vertical log splitters

The difference between horizontal and vertical log splitters does not only affect the position of the wood to be cut, but also other features important to determine the machine quality.

Horizontal electric log splitters are the most affordable models, and they can count on 6 or 7 tonnes of splitting capacity. Thus, they are suitable for cutting small logs. The small size and easy transport make them perfect for those who need a small domestic log splitter.

Gli Vertical electric log splitters are more robust compared to horizontal models and they are probably the most popular since their category ranges from amateur machines to heavy-duty machines.

The main advantage of a vertical electric log splitter is a worktop adjustable in height to place the log. Domestic models for non-frequent use feature a splitting capacity of 6 to 12 tonnes, heavy-duty machines can even reach a splitting capacity of 16 tonnes.

This last category, featuring professional tools with hydraulic cylinder in the upper part of the machine, differs in the worktop position. Hydraulic log splitters with low log are in fact equipped with a worktop placed close to the ground, so as to avoid log lifting during cutting operations. Instead, hydraulic log splitters with high log feature a worktop placed at medium height, adjustable, so as to avoid as much as possible bending while working.

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