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Electric Lawn Raker | Scarifier 230V ► Rotor with Blades or Springs

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Electric lawn scarifiers

Arieggiatore Scarificatore Elettrico

Advantages of an electric lawn scarifier

The electric lawn scarifier is the ideal tool for scarifying small and medium-sized lawns, up to 1200 s.q. m., if you have an electrical power socket available.

Our catalogue includes a wide range of models both for home gardens and larger lawns. The main feature of these electric rakers is that they don't need any maintenance, except for the cleaning of the housing and rotors after use.

The most suitable period for scarifying your lawn is spring, after the first mowing operation, considering the area and weather that generally distinguishes March and April. In order to obtain a wonderful lawn, it is advisable to repeat the procedure even in Autumn, thus for removing even the most resistant moss.

To complete the purchase and be ready to use the electric lawn scarifier, you'll find all the extension cables that best suit your needs among the products related to the raker in the product description. We would like to remind you that these machines do NOT mill the soil and that we offer specific machines for this type of operation, available in the specific categories on our website.

How to choose the most suitable electric lawn scarifier-raker

Thanks to the models equipped with interchangeable rotor you will have the possibility to improve scarifying and aerating operations on your lawn. In detail:

  • The blade rotor scarifies the soil, operating vertically and deeply thanks to its blades. In this way the lawn regenerates, improving aeration, drainage and uptake of nutrients.
  • The spring rotor, thanks to the number of springs which variates according to the model, the lawn is combed by pinching away the layer of felt and moss and preventing regrowth.

What is the best value for money for an electric lawn scarifier?

The features to consider when choosing an electric lawn scarifier with a good value for money are the nominal power (W) and the max. working surface recommended for use. 200 m² to 300 m² is generally the best compromise. As far as the power rating is concerned, it is advisable for medium-sized lawns to use machines with at least 1200 W.

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