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Battery-powered Lawn Scarifier and Raker ► Rotor with Blades or Springs

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Lawn scarifiers - Rakers

Arieggiatore Scarificatore a Batteria

Why choose a battery-powered lawn scarifier

Battery-powered lawn scarifiers are ideal for scarifying small and medium-sized lawns due to their comfort of use, cable-free design, lightness and small size. The easily rechargeable lithium-ion battery with long battery life ensures optimum performance to the scarifier while preventing unpleasant smells and noise.

Unlike the lawn scarifier powered by a petrol engine, which are mainly designed for large areas, the battery-powered system is now the ideal choice for anyone who wants to save money on fuel and maintenance. Furthermore, in a world where pollution problems are increasing day by day, lithium ions make the battery completely eco-friendly and free of harmful emissions.

After use, the only maintenance operation required for a battery-powered lawn scarifier is to empty the collector bag and cleaning the blades, in order to avoid future rust problems.

Battery-powered lawn scarifiers: spring or blade rotor

Felt scarifying can be carried out using either a spring rotor or a blade rotor, or even both. The battery-powered scarifier is perfectly capable of mounting both types, ensuring excellent results.

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