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Heavy-duty Vacuum Cleaners for Large Surfaces

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Heavy-duty Vacuum Cleaners for Large Surfaces

Heavy-duty Vacuum Cleaners for Large Surfaces

Wet and dry vacuum cleaners are have now become essential tools for cleaning and tidying up different workplaces.
Specifically in this category are gathered professional, high-performance and reliable machines, ideal for the most demanding users.

Their capacity to suction up fine dust, small waste materials and liquids makes them suitable for cleaning indoors or outdoors. In fact, they can be used for cleaning workshops, garages and construction sites, as well as for cleaning small courtyards and driveways.

Controls and technical specifications

Now, let's take a look at the different controls and technical details, which characterise the heavy-duty vacuum cleaners for large surfaces and make them suitable for intensive use:

  • Drum capacity:It is expressed in litres, and is used to indicate the amount of material the drum is able to collect;
  • Power: It is expressed in watts, and indicates the maximum suction power of the motor;
  • Air flow rate: It is expressed in litres/second, and indicates the volume of air suctioned;
  • Noise level: Finally, this figure indicates how noisy the bin is when operating, and is expressed in decibels.

Among the main controls, included in this particular product category, we find, starting from the top, a carrying handle useful both for moving the bin and for pushing it.
Moving down, we find the collection compartment, which can be made of stainless steel or plastic, and which, as we have seen, is where the sucked material goes.
Then, inside the machine, we find perhaps the most important part, i.e. the filter, which can be a cartridge one, or with an integrated bag.
Finally we find the wheels and these can vary: there can be four pivoting wheels, or two pivoting wheels, usually the front ones, and two oversized wheels, the rear ones. As a rule, however, the wheels serve for easy movement of the drum, especially when the collection compartment is full.

Reasons to buy it

A wet and dry vacuum cleaner is more powerful and versatile than the most common cleaners, and allows you to work on much larger areas in less time.
The main differences with normal vacuum cleaners are the suction power and the materials that can be absorbed.
In fact, he most common vacuum cleaners feature modest suction power and are capable of vacuuming up not only dust but also very small materials, while drums easily suck up solid residues and liquids without any difficulty.

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