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Handsaws on extension rod with 38 cm blade

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Pruning Saws on Extension Pole

Pruning Saw on Extension Pole

When does it pay to purchase a pruning saw on extension pole?

Pruning saws on extension pole are heavy-duty tools, useful for cutting operations up to 6 m in height.
You can use it in olive groves, vineyards, orchards or even small domestic pruning jobs where you need to safely cut a few meters in height.

Pruning saws on extension pole are useful to cut branches of any diameter and, thanks to the particular blade shape and internal cutting edge, you can work with minimum effort.

Moreover, the blades also feature sharpened and pulse-hardened teeth for exceptional durability and great cutting performance.
Thanks to pruning saws, you can prune without damaging the bark of the plant, allowing fast healing of the cut branch.
Easy and immediate pole adjustment.
Simply raise the lever on the locking device, extend the pole to its maximum length and lower the lever until it is completely tightened.

The importance of the blade:

It can safely be regarded as the most important part of the saw. The part that physically performs the cutting operation through the teeth at its end.
The quality of its metal is very important for the quality of the end results.
Blades are made of steel, but not all are the same, as much depends on the amount of carbon in the alloy and the hardening process.
It must be thick enough not to bend too much and consequently get damaged, but at the same time, the thicker the blade, the more tiring the cutting operation will be.
The ideal blade is between 1 and 1.5 mm thick.

How long should it be?

The blade of the saw must be much longer than the branch to cut, as to cut the branch its is necessary to move “back and forth” the tool.
An optimal size for the blade length may be 30-35 cm, which will also allow cutting branches with a diameter of 10/15 cm.

And what about the size of the blade teeth? Large or small?

The teeth on the blade can be many and small, or few and wide.
The more teeth there are, the more precise the final cut will be, and the muscle strain on the arms during the work phase will also be reduced.
On the other hand, many small teeth means longer and slower cutting operations, while larger teeth allow cutting branches quickly.

Curved or straight blade?

The difference in the shape of the blade significantly influences the use of the saw and the different operations to perform.

  • The STRAIGHT BLADE lower friction with the wood, allowing you to cut quickly and reduce effort.
  • The CURVED BLADE allows the teeth to sink and penetrate into the wood immediately, working over a greater surface area and allowing quick cutting operations but with more effort.

The handle:

The saw handle is also a very important component of the pruning tool, as it determines its ergonomics.
The handle must be comfortable and designed so as to cause as little fatigue as possible, favouring use during prolonged cutting operations.
The presence of an eventual sheath or a lock system is also very important to ensure its ease of use. Indeed, very often these tools are also used on ladders or climbing plant trunks, so having tools that are comfortable to use and above all practical becomes a key aspect to consider.

What would be used, a Pruning Saw or a Branch Lopper?

The use of a branch lopper or a pruning saw depends exclusively on the diameter of the branch you need o cut.
Branch loppers are usually used for cutting branches with a diameter up to 5 cm, while for wider diameters pruning saws are preferred.

Furthermore... Pruning Saw or Chainsaw for Pruning?

The pruning chainsaw allows cutting large branches quickly and without too much effort, but it is not very delicate and its results are imprecise.
Consequently, it is only recommended for particularly demanding or urgent work.

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