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Vertical Floor Scrubber Dryers with Roller

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Vertical Floor Scrubber Dryers with Roller

Lavapavimenti Verticali a Rullo

A selection of floor scrubber dryers with roller, practical and functional on every type of floor

Vertical floor scrubber dryers with roller are extremely effective machines for home cleaning. In fact, their small size and lightness make them easy to use for quick cleaning of every type of floors.

Despite their affordable price, these convenient machines ensure excellent performance, thanks to their high-quality rotating brushes, mounted on rollers with reverse rotation. Their combined action allows you to obtain even and thorough cleaning of surfaces after just one pass.

Floor scrubber dryers with roller are designed to replace floor cleaning with water. Their use is almost entirely similar to that of a vacuum cleaner: the brushes work on the dirt while dispensing water and detergent, which will then be thoroughly vacuumed to leave the surface dry.

In addition to home use, they are also highly suitable for busy commercial activities such as bars, snack bars, pizzerias or offices. That is why our catalogue has electric or battery-powered vertical floor scrubber dryers with rollers suitable for both home use and commercial activities.

All you need for Indoor cleaning and maintenance . A range of over Vertical Floor Scrubber Dryers with Roller at the best price sale on the online market.
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