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Electric air compressors with 3 axial piston pump

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Electric Air Compressors

Electric air compressor;

Electric air compressors: explore our offer

Electric air compressors are divided into various categories depending on the type of power source or the transmission used to move the piston of the pumping unit.
Our catalogue features single-phase electric air compressors powered by 220 V current and three-phase electric compressors models for companies.

The transmission of motion from the motor to the piston is another feature to distinguish direct electric compressors from belt-driven electric compressors.

In fact, the latter have the peculiarity to gear down the number of revolutions of the motor by means of a large flywheel, thus drastically reducing the heat and working at lower temperatures, reducing the consequent wear and tear to which the pump is generally subjected. The belt-driven electric air compressors feature a greater displacement of the pumping unit and have always two-cylinder motors, thus ensuring a greater production of compressed air even with a lower number of revolutions. This offers the possibility of long work sessions without excessively straining the mechanics. The compressors with tanks of over 50 L belong to this category and are addressed to a professional use.
These models are also available with 400 V power supply, falling into the three-phase electric compressors category. Our catalogue also offers oilless air compressors, i.e. built with production processes that allow not to use lubricating oil, which reduces the maintenance of the compressor and allows the use of the electric compressor in medical environments, because the compressed air outlet is free of oil particles. For those who need to use the compressor in areas where noise would be a problem, we suggest to take a look at the silenced compressors, which, thanks to their soundproof box helps to drastically reduce noise emissions. The portable compressors or mini compressors are useful for small jobs on the go, their weight being extremely reduced, as, for example, computer home repair (much more efficient than air cans), airbrush and other particular tasks. Of course, they are also suitable for inflating car or motorcycles tires.

Electric air compressors: Choose the right one for you

AgriEuro has a wide range of compressors divided in five major categories listed below:

  • Small-sized and Portable Air Compressors: the most interesting feature of mini portable air compressors is their ease of transport. In fact, they are the most compact models available, designed with particular shapes that minimizes encumbrance with original solutions. The electric portable mini air compressors can be used when it is necessary to produce compressed air for blowing, small cleaning tasks, or inflating, when it’s not possible to transport the classic air compressors models. For this reason, their weight and dimensions are designed for a maximum ease of transport and practicality. Tank-less or with small-sized tanks models are also available in order to store enough compressed air to perform works at home, such as computers or electrical appliances home repairs or airbrushing work. With the exception of nine models equipped with oil lubricated pumping unit, all the small-sized and portable air compressors available in our catalogue are oilless, that it constructed with production processes which do not use lubricating oil. This solution reduces compressor maintenance and allows the portable compressor to be used in medical environments as well, because the compressed air output is free of oil particles. The category also features professional portable compressor models, designed specifically for professional use, renowned as the best choice for professional craftsmen and for the most demanding hobbyists. There are also models with low rpm air compressor motors (1450 rpm, instead of the classic 2800 rpm/min); this feature allows to reduce the heat generated from the pump and to significantly increase the durability of the compressor.

  • Coaxial Air compressors for Hobby Use: this category includes all the electric coaxial air compressors also known as direct air compressors. In these machines, in fact, the motor is directly connected to the pump, without belts and pulleys: this makes the air compressor compact, lightweight and easy to use. The air connections are universal, therefore compatible with all the already existing accessories for compressed air. These compressors are highly appreciated by hobbyists and domestic users, thanks to their small size and power suitable for most operations such as: painting, inflating tires, cleaning, air blowing and other domestic applications.
    The models in this category are mainly differentiated by the ability of the head of the pumping unit (expressed in liters per minute L/min) and for the motor that drives it, with powers ranging from 1.0 HP to 3 HP. The most popular models for hobby use are those with 2 HP motor that provide good performance. For those looking for the best performance at a semi-professional level, we recommend models ranging from 2.5 to 3 HP. Easily transportable thanks to their wheels, the 25 and 50 L electric air compressors are all single-phase machines, therefore standard 3 kW household current is sufficient to power these compressors, which draw a maximum of 2.2 kW. The brands featuring in our catalogue are international manufacturers of electric compressors, known for their excellent product quality, they guarantee sales assistance and spare parts.

  • Electric Belt-driven Air Compressors: the belt-driven air compressors are high quality products, suitable for heavy-duty and continuous professional use. The belt transmission gears down the number of motor revolutions by means of a large flywheel, thus drastically reducing heat. The compressor, working at lower temperatures, ensures very little wear and tear on the pump. The large twin-cylinder head units with cast iron cylinder ensure long durability and maximum reliability, making the electric belt-driven air compressors suitable products for professional use.

  • Silenced Air Compressors: the silenced air compressor is a machine equipped with a soundproof shell that can reduce much of the noise emissions. These solutions are suitable in those environments where, in addition to a professional machine, a special attention to the operators working comfort is also necessary. To meet every need, these silenced air compressors range from the smallest of 5 liters to the largest of 300 liters. The silenced air compressors are divided into three categories: small-sized or portable, oilless direct transmission and belt-driven.

  • Screw Air Compressors: screw air compressors, also called rotary screw air compressors, are perfect for those who need constant pressure for long periods. Models with screw technology are designed for heavy-duty, continuous use, such as in business or industrial environment. Thanks to the continuous productivity, they are suitable for use in mechanical workshops, industries, etc. Unlike the classic piston air compressor, these machines are also extremely silent: the screw technology, in fact, allows to keep a very low level of noise emissions.

When choosing an electric air compressor, it is very important to evaluate the various requirements in order to choose the most suitable one to meet your needs. After selecting the macro area, the basic features of a compressor are:

  • Tank capacity (from 2 to 300 liters)
  • Electric motor power (0.1 HP to 7.5 HP)
  • Compressed air production from 150 L/min up to 830 L/min
  • Compressed air pressure from 8 bar to 18 bar

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