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Silenced compressor ► Portable | Direct Oilless | Belt-Driven

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Silent Air Compressors: small and portable, direct and belt-driven

Compressore Silenziato - Silenzioso

Silent air compressors - which is the best?

This category includes all the models of portable silent compressors, with direct transmission and belt-driven, of the major producers in the world. Choosing the highest-quality compressor which best suits your needs can be a very difficult task. Besides, the wide range of products can make the choice even more difficult.

Therefore, AgriEuro has developed a number of advanced filters to allow focusing the attention on few models. You will just need to select the specifications which best suits you in order to get the model that most meets your needs.

We offer a wide range of compressors, surely the most assorted for product brands and types on the online market and available at the best market price!

Silent compressor: what are the main types to choose from?

Silent compressors are equipped with a soundproof shell capable of reducing most of the noise emissions. These are the ideal solution for those who need professional machines maintaining a comfortable workplace for their operators. In order to meet every need, there silent compressors range from the smallest of 5 L to the largest of 300 L.

We can divide them into 3 categories:

Silent compressors - Small or portable silent compressors

The main feature of this product range is their compactness. They are very handy and easy to use in any workspace. However, despite their small size, these compressors provide excellent performances. They are recommended for public or small spaces. The main manufacturers of portable silenced compressors are:

Silent compressors - Oilless direct-drive compressors

The air compressors with direct transmission do not feature any external element for connection between the motor and the pump unit. This guarantees a more compact design and a low maintenance need. Furthermore, their efficiency is increased due to a less energy loss. Another important feature of air compressors with direct transmission is their oil-free operation, which allows producing compressed air without the oil exhalations. Finally, in Oilless compressors there is no oil spillage and they are easy to connect and quick to use. We divide them into two groups:

Silent compressors - Belt-driven silent compressors

This last category includes all the belt-driven air compressors. These are products intended for a very long service life and they are recommended for those who need to use them intensively thanks to the possibility to connect several tools simultaneously. Most of them are single-phase twin-cylinder compressors, where both pistons have the same diameter and direct the production of air to the tank, with minimal vibrations, low noise and temperatures and, therefore, with an excellent performance. We divide them into 3 categories:

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