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Destemmers - Crusher with nominal power 3 HP

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Grape Destemmers - Crushers

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What is the function of grape destemmers and crushers?

Crushing is the first process undergone by grape after harvesting, to extract the juice and pulp from the grapes in order to obtain must. Crushing is performed by machines called crushers. Roller grape crushers consist of a frame which mounts one or two pairs of rollers on the bottom, to crush the grapes inserted from above.

Then, the stalks are separated from the crushed grapes, which is the destemming process. Grape destemmers are fundamental to transform grapes into must: they separate stalks from grapes.
The destemming process starts by inserting the grapes in the upper hopper, which performs a first crushing through a helicoidal system. The resulting must is channeled into another section where the grapes are separated from the stalks thanks to a paddle system.
This process is really important, as the grapes contain large quantities of tannins that could alter the taste of the wine, excessively highlighting its acid notes.

Which are the main types of grape destemmers and crushers?

  • Le electric grape destemmers with centrifugal pump are specifically designed for heavy and demanding jobs, thanks to the steel frame equipped with a large hopper and powerful motors. These electric grape destemmers are particularly suitable for domestic use, especially if entirely made of stainless steel.
  • heavy-duty grape destemmers with pump and rollers differ from the others for their food-grade rubber pre-processing rollers, for an additional phase of the crushing process.
  • stretcher grape crushers feature both electric and manual models. These machines are suitable for medium jobs and for those who need an excellent product at an affordable price.
  • stretcher grape crushers, mostly manual, allow you to crush grapes without removing the stalks. These machines are the most affordable and easy to use for their simple structure.

Which are the brands to consider?

Our catalogue includes leading manufacturers of grape destemmers and crushers. As for other products, a serious, well-known and trusted brand means choosing quality and safety. The brands you should consider while purchasing a crusher or a grape destemmer are:

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