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Medium-sized Ash Vacuum Cleaners with Tank | Practical and Lightweight Steel Ash Vacuum Cleaners

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Medium-sized Ash Vacuum Cleaners

Medium-sized Ash Vacuum Cleaners

When should a medium-sized ash vacuum be chosen?

The medium-sized ash vacuum cleaner is the ideal tool for anyone who needs to clean wood stoves, fireplaces, boiler braziers and domestic barbecues. The high quality of the construction materials ensures a long service life for these machines.

This ash vacuum cleaner has been developed to meet the needs of fireplace owners who want a powerful substitute for conventional vacuum cleaners, which are unsuitable for this type of cleaning.
Powerful, reliable, practical, easy to use and space-saving, but above all safe, the medium-sized ash vacuum complies with European standards and is approved by the most important certification bodies.

The motor of the ash vacuum cleaner is located in the upper part and can be completely removed to carry out cleaning operations of the tank. The power controls are extremely user-friendly and located directly on the top of the machine.

All you need for Indoor cleaning and maintenance . A range of over 14 Medium-sized Ash Vacuum Cleaners (18-20 L) at the best price sale on the online market.
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