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Small Lightweight 2-Stroke Chainsaws ► 30 to 39 cc Displacement

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Lightweight Chainsaws for Cutting (30 - 39 cc)

Lightweight 2-stroke chainsaws for cutting with 30cc - 39cc displacement are ideal for anyone who needs a double-handle chainsaw that is small, safe and easy to transport. Designed for amateurs or professionals who need a lightweight multipurpose chainsaw for cutting, these tools combine lightness, safety and firm grip ensured by the double-handle system.

Even with a small displacement, these lightweight chainsaws are powerful enough for the work they perform. That is thanks to the good power/weight ratio provided by manufacturers. In fact, in this category you can find machines with powers ranging from 1 to 2.5 HP, despite the small displacement.

These chainsaws are suitable for garden pruning, usually carried out at the end of the winter; and for small-stemmed trees.
The main brands offering this type of chainsaw are:

  • IBEA: Italian brand whose machines have the best power/weight ratio, Each machine has a high torque to carry out every cut in a fast and safe way;
  • McCulloch: one of the most famous and popular brands for gardening machines, even 2-stroke chainsaws confirm its reputation as a manufacturer of effective machines with good value for money;
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