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Petrol sprayer pumps with trolley and hose reel

Petrol sprayer pumps on cart combine the advantages of a petrol sprayer pumps to the practicality of not having to move a tank filled with liquid, so as to only use the spraying lance thanks to the hose reel.

Among the products related to the wheeled petrol sprayer pumps you can find hose reels and hoses up to 200mt long. Wheeled petrol sprayer pumps can maintain, thanks to their petrol engine, high spraying capacity. These models mount engines of different displacement, even well-known ones such as Honda, synonym with heavy-duty performance up to 40 bars and 40 litres of flow rate per minute.

Heavy-duty petrol sprayer pumps on cart feature a pressure gauge to check pressure for more precise adjustment. Moreover, the most powerful models have many outlets to connect more accessories at the same time, to quickly change equipment when needed. Petrol sprayer pumps can be used with standard lever lances, guns for tall trees or mitra lances, to use all the power available.

The control unit is integrated in all models, it allows pressure adjustment. Moreover, these tools are equipped with overrunning, a fitting system that allows reusing the non-sprayed liquid putting it back in the tank, so as to avoid waste.

All you need for Spraying treatments and weeding . A range of over 6 Petrol at the best price sale on the online market.
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