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Wheelbarrow sprayer pump with hose reel | electric or spark ignition

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Wheelbarrow Sprayer Pumps with Hose Reel

Wheelbarrow sprayer pumps are suitable for fungicide or pesticide treatments on small and medium crops. Thanks to the hose included, up to 200 m long, you can place the pump next to the tank with the liquid to spray, only moving the spraying lance using the hose reel.
This avoids moving the entire tank and, if you already have one, you can use it.

The kit usually includes: a cart with hose reel, a lance with heavy-duty brass gun, an engine-driven or electric pump, the hose and the set of hoses and filters. The control unit of the wheelbarrow sprayer pump is integrated and allows adjusting the pressure according to your needs. Heavy-duty sprayer pumps feature a pressure gauge which allows checking the current for more precise adjustment.

Moreover, the most powerful models have many outlets to connect more accessories at the same time and quickly change equipment when needed.

  • Wheelbarrow electric sprayer pumps: electric pumps mounted on a cart for transport, equippe with hose and hose reel. In this category, Agrieuro includes cart and hose reel kit with which you can transform your sprayer pump in a wheelbarrow sprayer pump.
  • Wheelbarrow petrol sprayer pumps: the same petrol sprayer pumps with cart and integrated hose reel. Wheelbarrow petrol sprayer pumps combine the advantages of a petrol sprayer pump to the practicality of not having to move a tank filled with liquid, only movin the spraying lance using the integrated hose reel.

All you need for Spraying treatments and weeding . A range of over 11 Wheelbarrow Sprayer Pump with Hose Reel at the best price sale on the online market.
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