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Transfer pumps with nominal power 1 HP

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Transfer Pumps for Wine and Other Liquids

Transfer Pumps

Transfer pumps are those pumps which, unlike submersible pumps, do not have to be placed underground or immersed in liquid to be vacuumed, but only serve to transfer the liquid from one container to another.

Wide range of transfer pumps for any liquid foodstuff: which to choose?

AgriEuro catalogue offers a complete line of electric transfer pumps, suitable for wine, oil and other liquids for food use. In fact, it allows choosing among the entire range of Rover branded pumps, a company that produce only Made in Italy products.

the choice of materials, the care in manufacturing and the durability over time are symbols of the undisputed quality of its products.

This category ranges from transfer pumps in special alloy coated with antioxidant treatment to bronze transfer pumps, each one with the specific capacity to transfer oil, wine or beer.

Remember that, unlike pumps only suitable for oil and other viscous liquids, the ones designed for wine and beer are excellent also for other hot or cold liquids.
They are also suitable for small-scale irrigation, pouring fertilizer or - for some models - even diesel fuel.

Electric transfer pumps are all two-way: this means that the flow of liquid can be reversed at any time, without constantly connecting and disconnecting the pipes from their fittings.
Some models of our transfer pumps feature a battery-powered electric motor which makes them easy to transport.

How to choose the right transfer pump according to your needs:

Electric transfer pumps should generally be chosen according to the following important features:

  • DENSITY and VISCOSITY: Density measures the weight of 1 L of liquid, while viscosity measures how much a liquid can pass through pipes when it is vacuumed in.
  • LIQUID TEMPERATURE: A parameter that must be compatible with the materials and seals of the transfer pump to avoid damaging it during operations.
    Usually, liquid pumps are capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 90°; if this temperature is exceeded, it would be necessary to use specific seals.
  • FLOW RATE It is usually indicated by the letter “Q”, and measures the amount of liquid handled, expressed in L per minute.
  • PUMP HEAD: On the other hand, this features is indicated by the letter "H", and measures the maximum height, i.e. the difference in height at which the liquid can be pushed from the point where it is drawn in to the point of release.
  • LIQUID TYPE: Depending on the different liquids to transfer, the transfer pump will have to maintain specific characteristics; for example, for transferring wine, water or other food liquids in general, it must be avoided the passage of impurities and possible contamination, while for transferring diesel the operator must be protected from the possible risks due to the movement of flammable liquids.
  • MANUFACTURING MATERIALS: The pumps available can be made of different materials such as brass, steel, bronze and cast iron.
    These represent more suitable and sturdy materials for handling corrosive liquids.

Purchase guide:

Here is a simple guide to the filters within the category, to help you choose the most suitable model for you:

  • THE EQUIPMENT: This filter divides the machines according to their use, such as Wine use, Oil use, Beer use and Diesel use, and as seen before also according to the materials of their bodies, in this case bronze or antioxidant alloy.
  • MAXIMUM PUMP HEAD: As explained before, this indicates the maximum height to which the liquid can be pushed.
    In our category they range from 5 m to 25 m.
  • NOMINAL POWER: This indicates the power that the pump can deliver when operating, in this case we offer models ranging from 0.5 Hp to 3 Hp.

All you need for Wine making, filtering and transferring . A range of over 29 Transfer Pumps at the best price sale on the online market.
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