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Petrol-powered Wheeled Sprayer Pumps

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Wheelbarrow sprayer pumps with tank

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Wheelbarrow Sprayer Pump: Which one to chose?

Wheelbarrow sprayer pumps with tank are ideal for spraying treatments and weeding, for the distribution of detergents and colors in aqueous solution, on medium and large flat surfaces as: vineyards, orchards, greenhouse crops, parks, gardens, vegetable gardens.
Wheelbarrow sprayer pumps with tank are perfect for operating in areas where it is necessary to move around in order to cover the whole surface to be treated. They include:
  • a barrel that contains the liquid (up to 150 l on the larger spraying motorpumps);
  • an import pump for the less expensive motorpumps of the most important manufacturers like Comet, and for the most performing and heavy-duty machines;
  • an engine that supplies the pump (spark ignition with 4-stroke engine / 2-stroke fuel-oil mix engine / electric single-phase engine / battery-powered engine). Petrol engines ensure high performances and an incomparable working continuity. Electric motors have a limited working radius, but, on the other hand, maintenance is very easy and they are extremely light.
Several settings proposed:
  • with/without a hose reel, which enables to extend the working radius of the machine even by 100 m far from the barrel;
  • a standard-supplied sprayer lance for nebulization, which can be more or less professional;
  • the traction - all sprayers are equipped with a wheelbarrow and most professional models also feature traction, which is a significant advantage for those who need to work on steep ground.

Wheelbarrow sprayer pump: discover our catalogue

We offer you the possibility of choosing between many categories of sprayer pumps in our catalogue, you will find:

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