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Electric Snow Blowers (230V)

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Electric Snow Blowers

Snow blowers

The convenience of an electric snow blower on small areas

Small electric snow throwers prove to be very suitable when it comes to working on small, scattered layers of snow in areas near the home, such as driveways, pavements or garage ramps.
This is primarily due to the need for a power socket, but also to the small size of the cutter at the base of the discharge chute. This cutter, which is covered with a special plastic, is particularly suitable for quickly clearing snow even from bricks or tiles.
These models generally have the most affordable prices in their category and are also the easiest to use.
Its low maintenance requirements and manoeuvrability make it suitable for anyone who lives in areas not prone to heavy snowfall and therefore does not need to invest in more professional-grade equipment.

How to chose an electric snow blower?

Here a list of the snow blower features to consider before purchase:

  • POWER SUPPLY: Electric snow blower models can be divided into battery-powered or equipped with a power cable.
    Usually, the models with power cable are more powerful, simply because they can be fitted with a more powerful motor with a continuous power supply;
  • POWER AND WATT: These models can range in power from 800W up to 2000W for the most powerful versions;
  • AUGER DIMENSION: Auger width refers to the part of the surface that can be covered in a single operation.
    In electric snow throwers, specifically, the auger is never too large, ranging from 28 cm to 50 cm;
  • STAGE NO.: The vast majority of electric snow blowers on the market operate with a single stage.
  • DISCHAGE CHUTE ADJUSTMENT: It allows to redirect the snow discharged in the desired direction. It can usually be adjusted using a special lever, which allows it to be rotated up to 180° and in some models even tilted up to 45°.

What are their advantages:

This kind of snow blowers are extremely easy to use.

  • Electric motors require less maintenance and ensure a long service life.
  • Another positive aspect of electric snow throwers is their low weight, which makes them easy to use and store.
  • They are always ready for use, needing only to be connected to a power socket.
  • All these aspects represent a great advantage for the Operator who doesn’t require professional machineries.

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