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Battery-powered Snow Blowers

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Battery-powered snow blowers

Battery-powered snow blowers

When does it pay to purchase a battery-powered snow blower?

Snow blowers are very useful machines for keeping your driveway or garden always tidy and clean during the winter season.
Battery-powered snow throwers offer the advantage to be used immediately, without worrying about the smell of petrol.

Indeed, with a battery-powered snow blower, the Operator doesn’t need to look for a power socket or work with the bulk of a power cable. It is a light-weight tool, silent during its operation and conveniently transportable, perfect on soft snow layers of no more than 20 cm.

The power of the battery fitted in these machines varies between 20 V and 80 V depending on the model, affecting their effectiveness in higher snow and running time.
In general, however, the turbine of these machines is designed to help removing snow from driveways, house driveways, pavements and courtyards.

The battery-powered snow throwers listed in our catalogue are equipped with a hand-pushed motion system and are perfect for clearing very small areas.

What considering before purchase?

There are many important and crucial features to evaluate before purchasing a battery-powered snow blower:

  • EASE OF USE: An easy and convenient starting system is essential to facilitate the work to all the Operators;
  • THE QTY. OF SNOW TO BE DISCHARGED: A significant feature to chose the model that best suits your needs;
  • NOISINESS: If you do not want, or should not make excessive noise, it is essential to pay attention to the decibels produced;
  • BATTERY LIFE: Perhaps the most important feature, for continuous, uninterrupted work.

Pros and cons of battery-powered models:

Like other snow blower models, battery-powered models feature advantages and disadvantages.
Here a short list to summarise them:

  • Environmentally friendly: They do not emit environmentally harmful substances;
  • Freedom of movement: Unlike electric models, they do not need to be plugged into a power socket;
  • Additional functions: Models capable of working in low light conditions and heated handles are common on the market.

The downside can be the limited battery life, and its difficult disposal once it becomes unusable.

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