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Petrol Snow Blowers

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Petrol snow blowers

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The great advantages of petrol snow blowers

Petrol is the most popular power supply system of this category. These products feature excellent performance and running time without needing a power socket.
AgriEuro can count on a range of high-quality petrol models.

What are the main types of petrol snow blowers?

Petrol snow blowers on our catalogue feature different sizes and configurations. They can be divided in two types:
Hand-pushed models are the right choice if you need to clean medium-sized areas from a thin layer of snow.
Self-propelled models, the most popular, feature different sizes, so they are suitable for different areas. In medium-large models you can often use power-assisted steering, that improves handling allowing wheels and tracks to move in such a way to make curves.

The importance of gears in petrol snow blowers

Usually, the basic petrol snow blower models are equipped with only one gear, while medium and large-sized machines can feature 4 to 6 gears, besides reverse.

A high number of gears allows the machine to perform remarkable speed changes, for excellent versatilty. If the snow is quite high, use a low gear, otherwise, if the snow is low use a high gear.

Using the gears correctly will also influence snow spraying through the chute. If the snow is powdery, use a high gear so the fan can fill itself with snow and throw it at the right distance. Contrarily, if the snow is hard or frozen, use a low gear - the fan will need more time to collect and eject snow.

When do you need a two-stage petrol snow blower?

A two-stage petrol snow blower is particularly efficient when the work surface exceeds 300 s.q. m. In this case, the speed and efficiency guaranteed by the gears will ensure results impossible to obtain using battery-powered or electric models.

In case of gravelly ground, the best choice is a 2-stroke snow blower, equipped with a more powerful engine and an additional traction, for easier cleaning of thicker snow.

Which types of engines can be mounted by a snow blower?

The engines that power a snow blower feature different powers. This allows you to select the perfect machine for you, considering the different running times and performance levels that each engine can offer.

Our catalogue includes leading brands of petrol engines, such as Briggs & Stratton - made in USA top of its category - and Loncin, made in China and with extremely competitive value for money.

All manufacturers also offer winterized engines, that are built with thermostatic protections that allow them operating outdoor even with very low temperatures.

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