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Poultry plucker machines

Poultry plucker machines

Poultry plucker machines, as the name suggests, are machines used to remove plumage from poultry or in an animal processing industry.

There are several models and they can vary both in size and use. In our category we include two of the major models on the market, the basket and roller models, both with the same function of removing excess plumage but with different speeds and capacities.

How to prepare the animal before the plucking process?

Before the actual plucking stage is carried out, there are preparatory procedures to be performed in order to achieve an excellent result at the end of the process:

  • The first stage is the stunning: This stage involves the temporary stunning of the animal through the use of a stunner, a device that uses an electrode clamp and an electric shock to stun the animal before killing it;
  • The second stage is the exsanguination: In this stage, the animal is put down through the use of specific pliers.
    To complete this stage, the animals are then placed on top of bleeding cones to gather all the waste;
  • The next step is the soaking phase, which consists of immersing the animal to be plucked in a water container with hot water between 62 and 65 degrees. It will be sufficient to soak the poultry for about 30-40 seconds, while palmipeds, with a tougher skin, need to soak for about 2 minutes:
  • The last stage before plucking is the evisceration.

Plucker machines use

For a correct and effective plucking procedure, the animal positioning inside the machine is also important. It should be positioned with its back to the bottom and its legs slightly bent upwards to facilitate the work of the machine.
The working mechanism consists of the central body, which tends to rotate, and its wall, provided with evenly distributed picker sticks, small hard rubber fingers that, by repeatedly coming into contact with the animal, allow the almost complete removal of plumage.
It can be possible that a few plumes will remain stuck at the end of the procedure; in this case, simply finish the process by removing them directly by hand.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

Cleaning and maintenance of these machinery is quite simple.
For cleaning, just use water to remove processing residues from each component.
Maintenance is pretty limited, considering the machine's few components; the main focus is on the picker sticks and the mid-engine.

Plucker machines models: Basket and Roller

These two plucker machine models perform the same function with different processes and outputs.
Basket plucking machines are characterised by a large basket where the animals are placed; the baskets can vary in size to allow several animals to be processed together and it can also be removable for easy cleaning. The work is carried out by a motor that generates the rotary motion and enables it to perform the process.
Roller plucking machines, by contrast, are generally used for shorter hourly outputs, due to their smaller size and method of operation. In these models, the rotary motion of the roller with the picker sticks is given by a drill, which is connected to the end of the machine. When the drill is engaged, the roller will turn as a result and allow plucking.

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