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Heavy-duty Battery-powered Riding-on Mowers

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Battery-Powered Riding-on Mowers

Battery-Powered Riding-on Mowers

Nowadays, the riding-on mower has become a crucial ally for lawn care and mowing in medium to large gardens.

In the last few times, new battery-powered riding-on mowers have merged, providing an ecological alternative if compared to the ones with petrol engine, and ensuring excellent and reliable performance.


The cutting features are the same as for models with different power supplies, so we can find models of riding-on mowers with the classic grass collection bag, with side discharge and the traditional mulching cut, i.e. the system that shreds the grass finely allowing the operator just to leave it on the ground after cutting.

The real difference in this category of riding-on mowers is with the electric motor, which consists of a series of powerful lead-acid batteries that enable it to deliver up to 200 amperes of power. The main advantage of these electric motors is the low level of maintenance needed, as they do not have the wearing parts required in internal combustion engines; moreover, they are extremely quiet and environmentally friendly.

Filters guide

Let’s see how to use the filters available when purchasing the electric lawn mower that best suits your needs:

  • The cutting system: As previously mentioned, you can choose between collection bag, side discharge and mulching cut systems, according to your needs and the type of lawn to be cut; however, a growing number of models now feature more than one, if not all, cutting systems;
  • Manufacturer: The category includes the models produced by the most renowned brands on the market, such as Stiga, Ryobi, Toro and Weibang;
  • Suggested surface: This data indicates the maximum lawn surface that the riding-on mower can adequately cover and cut;
  • Cutting width: This indicates the cutting capacity of the cutting deck in a single work of the machine. It is a data value that is directly proportional to the power output of the motor and should be evaluated according to the size of your garden and the amount of obstacles in it. A larger cutting width will also result in a larger overall width of the riding-on mower.

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