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Gear Oil Transfer Pumps

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Gear Transfer Pumps for Oil

Gear transfer pumps for oil series “G” have been developed to transfer all commonly used non-aggressive viscous liquids, whose viscosity at 40°C lies between 1° Engler (such as water or diesel) and 7° Engler (SAE 30 engine oil or SAE 80 transmission oil).

The liquids used should be clean, without solid residues, making these machines suitable for water, wine, olive oil, milk or diesel, synthetic oil and mineral oil.
Gear transfer pumps for oil can suction liquid up to a maximum of 2 metres in height difference; if that is higher, it will be sufficient to place a check valve at the end of the suction pipe and fill it up to the pump. Such as other transfer pumps on our catalogue, these tools are equipped with a switch to reverse the motor rotation: this allows you to freely choose the pumping direction.

All you need for Wine making, filtering and transferring . A range of over 2 Gear Oil Transfer Pumps at the best price sale on the online market.
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