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Tractor Log Splitters

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Tractor Log Splitters


Tractor log splitters for best performance

Tractor log splitters are undoubtedly recommended for heavy-duty jobs, for which high performance and maximum running time are fundamental.

In fact, these machines, since they can be attached to tractors, feature constant power supply and better results than other models.

Some of our machines can be powered exclusively through a cardan shaft connected to the tractor via the special plug, others are hybrids equipped with a single-phase motor that can replace the propulsion of agricultural machines.

Horizontal and Vertical Tractor Log Splitters

AgriEuro offers several tractor log splitter models, either horizontal or vertical.

Horizontal tractor log splitters are driven by a cardan connected to the tractor and are equipped with standard three-point linkage. They feature a robust horizontal structure , often requested by many users for their low log positioning, meaning low effort to place the logs on the sturdy worktop. The variety of the models - due to different thrust power of the machines - allows to satisfy semi-professional needs up to robust and high-performing products, designed for industrial use.

Vertical log splitters are characterized by the external hydraulic cylinder fixed to the upper part, the piston facing downwards and the wedge placed on the machine body through special steel guides. These machines have a splitting power between 10 and 35 tonnes.

Vertical log splitters can be further divided into two categories:

  • Tractor log splitters with low log, featuring a platform placed close to the ground, so you do not need to lift logs to split them;
  • Tractor log splitters with high log have a platform placed at medium height - adjustable - so you can work in an upright position, using the dedicated holding handles.
This last category features two different versions:
  • con "standard "stroke" of the piston, 500 mm, that only allows to split logs on the worktop
  • or "longer" piston stroke, allowing to split logs both on the worktop and the low platform, without lifting them.

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