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Petrol scarifiers / lawn rakers

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Petrol scarifier/lawn raker is an essential item for refreshing and aerating medium or big lawns. As it is powered by an internal combustion engine its operating life is longer than usual and can cover a working surface up to 1200 mq according to the model. Petrol scarifiers/lawn rakers can be powered by a Honda or a Briggs&Stratton engine, which are two high quality brands that guarantee high performance and long life. Some models are equipped with an interchangeable rotor both with springs and with blades. Rotor with blades scarifies the soil and, by means of its blades, gets vertical and deep into the lawn. In this way is possible to regenerate the lawn increasing oxygenation, watering effectiveness and allowing fertilisers to penetrate the soil. Rotor with springs, with a variable number of springs according to the model, rakes the lawn for removing small amounts of thatch and moss layer in order to prevent they could grow again. Petrol scarifier with Stainless Steel deck is our key model. It is a professional and strong machine that is intended for hard and wearing works. Moreover, as it is equipped with hardened steel blade, it will result in great performances. Spring is the best season for scarifying your lawn. Choose the most suitable month (generally around March and April) according to the area and the weather conditions. Please scarify your lawn after mowing. For the best results, we suggest scarifying your lawn also in autumn in order to cut out the hardest moss. We remind our customers that these machines DO NOT till the soil. For this function, we suggest you purchasing specific machinery published in other sections on our web site.
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