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Electric lawn mowers

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Electric Lawn Mowers for sale with 220 volts electric motor connected by an extesion power cable to the wall socket. The most of models are provided with ABS deck while a minor quantity has the enamel painted steel deck. Cutting width range is going from 32 cm to 44 cm. Electric Lawn Mowers are addressed to the small lawns mowing (we suggest up to 400 m²) anywhere it is possible to connect the lawn mower to a wall socket by means of an extension power cable. Unlike the spark ignition engine models (needing oil, filter, spark plug maintenance), they are free of any ordinary maintenance. Collector is included on all models and some of them have mulching function too.
All you need for Lawn cutting and maintenance . A range of over 39 Electric lawn mowers at the best price sale on the online market.
Our 2020 AgriEuro catalogue is constantly enriched and updated showing competitive prices from 65,90 € up to 340,48 €
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