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Lawn cutting and maintenance

A showcase with over 600 pieces of equipment to help you look after your garden, parks and vast green areas, up to agricultural lands with spontaneous grass, whether you are a hobbyist or a pro at gardening. Ride on mowers, lawn mowers and robot lawn mowers suitable for manicured lawns and leveld lands.

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To always have a green and healthy lawn we suggest to regularly mow the lawn from March-April onwards.

In this first period, the mowing has to be carried out starting with a frequency of 2/3 weeks up to once a week during the high season.

The ideal lawn height is between 2 cm in the cold seasons and 4 cm during summer.

This is why in the warmer season the not too short grass helps to protect the trees from the excessive evaporation of the superficial humidity preventing the lawn from suffering during the periods of greatest insulation.

The important thing is never to let the grass grow excessively, in fact a cut of more than one third of the leave risks to irremediably damage the shoot. This is why the choice of the right product is essential, a ride on mower for large surfaces, a self-propelled or push-behind morel for medium-small surfaces or a robot lawn mower for the cutting automation.

Moreover, not everyone knows that for the garden maintenance the scarification is essential. This operation, normally carried out during spring and autumn, enables to make cuts or holes in the crust of the soil so eliminating moss and enhance the water drainage, essential to have an always green and healthy lawn.
From ride on mowers to the traditional lawn mowers up to the futurist robot lawn mowers, each tool is designed for a specific need.


The garden or lawn care requires the need of adequate tools

The choice of the product suitable to your needs is often made difficult due to the large availability of tools apparently very similar among them.

AgriEuro offers its experience in the field to provide you with a simple and efficient browsing to find the product that best suits your needs among 600 machines.

In fact, thanks to the presence of filters and categorizations, even when you don't have clear ideas about the product to purchase, you will have a general view of the products included in the range of the desired features. Thus, the choice of the most suitable product will be easier.

The big varieties of products proposed succeed in satisfying all needs for the maintenance and care of the green areas, for those who occasionally take care of their garden and for those who have done their job in the maintenance of green areas.