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Lawn Mowers | Lawn Cutters with Enamelled Steel Body

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Large Self-propelled Petrol Lawn Mowers with Enamelled Steel Frame

Large self-propelled petrol lawn mowers with enamelled steel frame are ideal for every need. The quality of all the components is fundamental, since the steel body makes the machines extremely sturdy and lightweight at the same time.

Here you can find a QUICK BUYING GUIDE for large self-propelled petrol lawn mowers to select, in a few simple steps, the best model for you. We will show you how to best use the FILTERS, to quickly and effectively select the products. Remember that you can select more than one filter at a time.

The first two filters, BRAND and PRICE, are entirely up to you. Our catalogue offers self-propelled petrol lawn mowers with enamelled steel body by the best brands, of different prices depending on the models.

  • Before purchasing a lawn mower, please consider the PRODUCT LEVEL: it depends on the intensity and frequency with which you are going to use your lawn mower in enamelled steel, so select a sufficiently high level. Remember that in this category you can only find semi-professional or heavy-duty models.
  • MAX. SURFACE: the most important filter, since it will only select the products suitable for a specific working area. Self-propelled enamelled steel lawn mowers can work on surfaces of over 3000 sqm.

    The larger the lawn, the larger the cutting deck has to be, that is with a greater cutting width.

  • CUTTING WIDTH: this filter is directly linked to the previous one, since it concerns the blade size and therefore the working area of the lawn mower. Remember that the cutting width of large petrol enamelled steel lawn mowers ranges from 46 to 51 cm.

  • SELF-PROPULSION: this filter allows you to choose the type of drive. Most self-propelled lawn mowers with enamelled steel body have rear drive, but you can also choose self-propelled models with speed variator. It allows you to change speed depending on the grass height and linearity of the path.
  • POWER: often proportioned to the size of the lawn mower; however, it is always recommended to opt for higher powers for more intensive work, especially if the grass is not cut regularly. Petrol lawn mowers from 4 to 5 HP are considered to have medium power, from 6 HP and over high power.
  • ENGINE BRAND: choosing a petrol engine for your enamelled steel lawn mower is a matter of personal preferences. However, remember that historical petrol engine manufacturers are and will always remain synonymous with guarantee, durability and high performance.

    Honda engines are the most famous and renowned on the market. Briggs & Stratton engine, made in USA, guarantee excellent performance for many years. Kawasaki brand means power, quality and excellent performance. Loncin engines, imported from China, are known for their reliability.

  • CUTTING SYSTEMS: this filter will select petrol lawn mowers with a cutting system suitable for a specific type of grass.

    Petrol lawn mowers made of enamelled steel are suitable for gardens, parks, flowerbeds, for all places with a well-kept lawn of not excessive height, well levelled and without obstacles or stones. There are three cutting systems:
    - collection box
    - mulching
    - side discharge

    Enamelled steel petrol lawn mowers can feature one, two or all three. These models feature a collection box fitted as standard - probably the simplest and most immediate - which is an excellent investment if you want a clean result, as it can accumulate grass inside it, reducing its spread on the ground.

    If that is not a priority for you, you can choose a petrol lawn mower with side discharge, ideal for medium and large areas, also suitable for spontaneous, unkempt and above-average height weeds, due to the high disposal capacity of the side discharge deflector.

    Mulching petrol lawn mowers are becoming increasingly more popular. These petrol lawn mowers are heavy-duty, featuring a robust steel body, specifically designed and built for mulching.

All you need for Lawn cutting and maintenance . A range of over 50 Enamelled Steel Frame at the best price sale on the online market.
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