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Heavy-duty Self propelled Lawn Mowers with INOX Frame

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Heavy-duty Lawn Mowers in our catalogue are equipped with a stainless steel frame, which provides them with many advantages and a high professional level, since it is the best of all noble metals. Even more resistant and durable than aluminium.
The thick stainless steel body makes these heavy-duty lawn mowers more resistant to both oxidation and accidental impacts. Therefore, they are the best for green operators. These machines are extremely long-lasting.
All models are equipped with wheels entirely made of high-resistant steel, front bull bar protection and the possibility to mount the special 4-blade professional disc insted of the standard blade.
Heavy-duty INOX lawn mowers feature different cutting widths depending on the models, from 51 to 57 cm. The engines are renowned as well: Honda and Briggs & Stratton.

Here it is a QUICK BUYING GUIDE for Heavy-duty INOX Lawn Mowers.
We help you select, in a few simple steps, the model that best suits your needs, showing how to use the FILTERS in the column below left, for a quick and effective selection. Remember that you can select several options on each filter. The first two filters, BRAND and PRICE, are entirely up to you; let's focus on the more technical ones.
  • PRODUCT LEVEL : this filter may seem unnecessary, since INOX lawn mowers are designed for heavy-duty and industrial use;
  • MAX. SURFACE: it is undoubtedly the best filters of all, in just one click you can select the right machines for your lawn size. We recommend to exceed rather than shorten this information;
  • CUTTING WIDTH : this filter is very similar to the previous one, very useful if you already know the size of your lawn. The cutting width available is between 51 and 57cm;
  • SELF-PROPULSION : this filter allows you to choose the drive type. Most heavy-duty Inox lawn mowers has a rear drive, but more demanding users can select models with gearbox or 4x4 drive;
  • POWER : often proportioned to the machine size, in this category you can choose powers between 6 and 6.5 HP;
  • ENGINE BRAND : a matter of personal taste, however, heavy-duty lawn mowers only mounts engines by historical brands, such as Honda, Briggs&Stratton and Kohler;
  • Cutting systems, COLLECTION – MULCHING – SIDE DISCHARGE: fitted on standard on all models.

All you need for Lawn cutting and maintenance . A range of over Inox Stainless Steel Frame - Heavy-duty at the best price sale on the online market.
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