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2/4-Stroke Lawn Mowers | Lawn Cutters with Electric Start

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This category includes standard lawn mowers with electric start. The petrol engine can be conveniently started with the supplied button or keys directly from the dashboard (standard battery).
2/4-stroke lawn mowers with electric start are designed for those users for who seek maximum comfort even when starting the engine. All models are equipped with a powerful self-propulsion, so they can move forward by simply pushing the drive lever, minimizing the effort of the operator, who only has to direct it.
The machine body provided on standard can be made of thick steel, enamelled or galvanized up to top-range with Inox stainless steel. Since their cutting width can be over 50 cm, lawn mowers with electric start are suitable for medium and large surfaces.

Here it is a QUICK BUYING GUIDE for lawn mowers with electric start, to select, in a few simple steps, the model that best suits your needs.
We show you how to best use the FILTERS in the column below left, for a quick and effective selection. Remember that you can select several options on each filter. The first two filters, BRAND and PRICE, are entirely up to you; let's focus on the more technical ones.

  • PRODUCT LEVEL: think about how intensively and frequently you are going to use your lawn mower and select the right level for you;
  • MAX. SURFACE: it is undoubtedly the best filters of all, in just one click you can select the right machines for your lawn size. We recommend to exceed rather than shorten this information;
  • CUTTING WIDTH: this filter is very similar to the previous one, very useful if you already know the size of your lawn. Remember that you can select several options on each filter. To be clearer, lawn mowers under 40 cm are considered very small, from 40 to 45 cm small, from 46 to 50 cm medium, over 50 cm large.
  • SELF-PROPULSION: this filter allows to choose between front and rear drive - there are no big differences, but the rear drive is more effective when working on slopes. The filter allows you to select self-propelled models with speed change system or a more professional and sturdy gearbox. The advantage of the speed regulator is to change speed according to grass height (slow down while mowing tall grass) and directions (slow down if there are obstacles or curves). We recommend the gearbox for more demanding users;
  • POWER: often proportioned to the machine size (not always though!), however, we recommend higher powers for most intensive jobs or if you do not mow your lawn regularly. Up to 3.5 HP the engines are considered low-power, from 4 to 5 HP medium-power, over 6 HP high-power;
  • ENGINE BRAND: a matter of personal taste, however, historical brands such as Briggs&Stratton are always a guarantee; under “other motors” you can find other motor brands, all Made in China but mostly of high quality;
  • BODY MATERIAL: in this category most models feature enamelled steel body. However, you can select models with thick steel, galvanized steel and stainless steel body for more demanding users;
  • Cutting systems, COLLECTION – MULCHING – SIDE DISCHARGE: mulching system is fitted on standard on all models, as well as the grass collector. Thanks to this filter you can select models with side discharge.

All you need for Lawn cutting and maintenance . A range of over Electric Start at the best price sale on the online market.
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