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Incubators for Rock Partridge eggs

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Egg incubators

Egg incubators

Incubators are machines that create an ideal environment for the hatching of eggs through the management of precise parameters, such as temperature and humidity, for a sufficient period to allow them to hatch.

How are they made

The most important incubator components are:

  • Container: the bottom of the incubator;
  • Egg tray: is used to hold the eggs during the first incubation phase; it can be fixed or rotary;
  • Display: a convenient display showing temperature, humidity and days until hatching;
  • Warming element: this can be a light bulb or a heating element, and is the source of the heat needed for hatching;
  • Analogue thermometer: for continuous temperature control.

Cleaning and disinfection:

It is important to clean and sanitise the incubator machine after each incubation in order to remove dirt and shell residues, which combined with heat and humidity can create a favourable environment for the proliferation of bacteria.
First, the plug of the incubator must be pulled out in order to clean it from any residue. Thoroughly rub the machine components with a disinfectant solution and a paper towel, then rinse with lukewarm water.
Dry each surface thoroughly and, if desired, clean electrical areas with a blast of compressed air.

Turn the eggs manually or automatically

Ensuring constant movement of eggs is essential for proper hatching. It prevents the embryo from attaching to the shell membrane, allows the transfer of egg white proteins into the amniotic fluid and supports the growth of blood vessels, increasing oxygen absorption.
Egg rotation can be done manually or through a fully automated system. If the manual option is chosen, the eggs must be turned manually; after washing your hands, you will have to turn the eggs 3 to 5 times a day by rotating them at least 90°.
If the automated option is chosen, the machine uses a special egg-turning attachment, which clips onto the incubator and turns the eggs fully automatically.

The last days before hatching

Within three days of hatching, it is very important to take some basic steps:

  • Increase humidity up to 65-75%;
  • Reduce the temperature by half a degree;
  • Stop turning the eggs: switch off the automatic egg turner or no longer perform this operation manually;
  • Prepare the eggs for hatching: remove the eggs from the tray and lay them on the bottom grid.

At this point, it is essential to stop opening the lid of the incubator and not to carry out any further operations until the final hatching of the eggs.

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