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Electric Hedge Trimmers – with bars from 50 cm to 75 cm and powers from 400W to 700W

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Electric Hedge Trimmers

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Electric hedge trimmer: why should I buy it?

The electric hedge trimmersuse domestic current for trimming and finishing jobs.
Since they do not need any particular maintenance, they are the most light and practical. Perfect if you have a power socket available and not too long hedges, you can count on a convenient machine, with blades up to 75 cm in the top models. The electric hedge trimmer reaches a cutting diameter of over 30 mm, which means fast cutting and a light tool.
Dry or old branches are in fact too hard to be cut with an electric hedge trimmer. Always work on  green pruning, that is on annual plant growth, with green branches and leaves to shape the hedge.
They are equipped with rotating handles, so you can comfortably use it for vertical cuts, working in total safety.
The most powerful motors are more resistant during difficult cuts or particularly long work sessions.

Electric hedge trimmer: explore our range

On our website you can find two categories of electric hedge trimmers, so you can choose the one for oyu:

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